Book Nerd: What Book Has You Currently Hooked?

Hello friends!

I won’t lie; it’s been a couple of months since I picked up a book to read. This has somehow left me feeling lacking. To get myself in the spirit of reading again, I decided to be reading ten pages every morning after I wake up and ten pages before I sleep. It has been challenging because sometimes I forget or I wake up late, but I try to compensate for the pages missed during the day.

Currently, I am reading “THE 5 A.M CLUB by Robin Sharma.” This book is the *ISHT*

It has helped me in terms of personal and work commitments. I am just about to finish chapter four, and I feel re-energized and ready to a better self. I hope this high will not be over once I am through reading the book *wink*. Quite frankly, I can repeat the book several times without getting bored or tired. So far I have gained several essential aspects of that I would love to share with you.

Make maximum use of your talents and opportunities for life is short.

Most of us can reach great heights, but because of procrastination and fear, we find ourselves circling the same place for month’s even years. You should ignore the inner voice that is full of doubts and make use of what you currently have to help you get what you need in future. Many of those who have made it in life embraced their difficulties, fears, and doubts to get to their present positions.

Embrace discomfort if you want to make it in life

I know many of you have watched Beyoncé documentary. You are all witnesses of the dedication and sacrifice that went into her performance. You do not expect to be successful while sitting at home on your parent’s couch. Do the thing that you are most scared off and passionate about.

Just the other day I was catching up with a friend, and she narrated to me how a friend of hers was good at hairdressing but did not like it. Suddenly, she lost her job and her only option was to get into hairdressing since no other post was forthcoming. Through hairdressing, she became a  brand ambassador to big brands that deal with hair and eventually opened a top-rated cosmetic agency. Once she embraced discomfort, God blessed her immensely.

“The moment you feel like quitting is when you should find the inner strength to press on.”

If you are in tune with the developments in the maritime industry in Kenya, you must be familiar with Elizabeth Marami, who is the first female Marine pilot Kenya. Her journey to recognition is one to be emulated for she never gave up, even when things got tough.Hang out with people who understand and challenge you.

Rise up Early

As they say, “the early bird catches the worms.”

Always aim at doing everything to the best of your ability

Always strive at waking up early before others rise.

I loved this quote the most “The one who sweats more in training bleeds less in war.”

For you to be your best self, you must first lose your weak self through, continuous improvement, work, and personal reflections.

Always set apart time for self-care.


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